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Chatham Capitol Theatre – July 4th, 2011

As the Recognized Voice of Visionary Leadership for Business, the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce fosters initiatives that enhance the economic prosperity and quality of life for the Chatham-Kent community.

As our Vision states, ‘we encourage progressive infrastructure, fostering of entrepreneurship and business linkages, integrating business and community wellness and actively promoting Chatham-Kent’. We appreciate that a community that works together towards a common vision will be recognized from afar and provide Chatham-Kent with great rewards.

An important decision is proposed to be on the agenda of Council in the very near future. Careful consideration has to be made as to the future of the Chatham Capitol Theatre. In a short span, the theatre has proven to be a valuable asset in attracting guests and tourists to Chatham-Kent while offering local citizens the opportunity for increased cultural options. With the ambience of first-class surroundings this cultural attraction adds advantage and benefit in attracting and maintaining economic opportunities.

Although unfortunate in its recent positioning, the Capitol Theatre has continued to remain an economic magnet for Chatham-Kent with the premises being utilized regularly for events and activities. The potential in its future is valuable and the prospects of enabling added business, citizens, tourists and well being to Chatham-Kent has worthy merits that require serious consideration. Parallel to a number of local projects and activities, it is not about what this development can do for itself but what it can do for our municipality as an end result. Likewise, arenas, libraries and swimming pools, as examples, suffer short falls in revenue and are supplemented by tax dollars.

As business representatives, we all understand the start up challenges of a new enterprise respecting that a sound business plan is also required to seed its long term success. We also acknowledge that businesses in Chatham-Kent attributed over 30% of the 2010 tax payments made to the Municipality. It is also recognized that business - and its employees - invest in Chatham-Kent, beyond the tax input but also strongly support local community initiatives through donations and contributions. The opportunity to attract new business and enhance current business is a value all would welcome.

Council members are voted to make decisions in the best interest of the citizens, taxpayers and the municipality’s future. Current Council has set ‘Destination Chatham-Kent’ as one of six strategic planning directions to help achieve their vision of ‘Chatham-Kent will be the fastest growing sustainable community in Southwestern Ontario’. During this same strategy session Council members committed to ‘Lead with Courage and Conviction to Achieve our Vision’.

It is important to inform Council members of your support as they decide the fate of the Capitol Theatre.

For your convenience, you will find below an email contact list of Council members. We ask you to take a moment to send your message of support.

I thank you, in advance, for your assistance in this initiative.

Yours in Prosperity,
G.A. (Gail) Antaya, President & CEO
Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce
54 Fourth St., Chatham N7M 2G2
Phone: 519 352-7540 ext 22

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