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Bill 148: Steering Through Change

Minimum Wage, Personal Days and More….
Through our affiliation with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce we are providing a comprehensive handbook to help Ontario's business community navigate the incoming changes from Bill 148 (Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act). The handbook, released by the OCC alongside MNP, outlines the potential risks employers can expect from Bill 148, and offers human resources and operational strategies to help mitigate the impact. Bill 148 will bring in a number of reforms to Ontario’s current labour and employment standards laws, most notably instituting a $15 minimum wage by January 2019, representing a 32% increase. The handbook outlines the impacts businesses are likely to see from the numerous changes and identifies that small businesses are most likely to face four main issues:
Profitability: businesses may not be able to keep up a sustainable profit margin;
Staffing levels: businesses may not have the capacity to maintain current staffing;
Competition: to keep their doors open, businesses will be forces to raise prices; and
Taxation: with higher wages comes higher payroll taxes and contributions to EI and CPP.
Click to read and print the full handbook.
Additionally, we are providing a webinar session, hosted by the OCC and MNP, to help navigate upcoming changes:


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