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Happy New Year! It’s seems so wild to believe how busy we have been working through another year. The Holiday madness or excitement (depending on your perspective) will soon quickly fade and, I’m sure, I just made the same New Year’s resolution that resembles something like last years… and the 5 years before that.

The Chatham-Kent Chamber has been busy. In fact, we have been very busy creating our own New Year’s resolutions for 2016. We started with renewed vigor and energy to re-engage our membership; to create more value, to provide clarity and transparency, while working closely with each of you and all levels of government.

Our newly stated Vison Statement:
The Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce will be the Recognized Voice of Visionary Leadership for our members, business and community stakeholders, meeting the diverse needs thus enhancing the economic prosperity and the quality of life of Chatham-Kent.

You are assured as members of the CK Chamber we will work tirelessly to help bring economic growth and sustainability to Chatham-Kent.

Our Mission Statement:
The Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce champions business excellence by encouraging progressive infrastructures, by fostering entrepreneurship and business linkages, by integrating business and community wellness while actively promoting Chatham-Kent.

This reflects the path we are forging to bring more to our members and our community.

Embedded into our renewed statements contains our Values Declaration Statement that boldly announces the standards to which we expect to be held accountable to. Each director and committee has spent time in 2015 re-evaluating each role and functions within the Chamber to ensure we continue to provide more member value, seek more feedback through your engagement and provide more timely and relevant information to help your business succeed in the next decade. As a result we have two newly created committees to help us achieve those goals.

The Government Affairs Committee aims to be the leading advocate and influential voice of our members on topics and policies that will bring more prosperity to our Chatham- Kent. Its secondary goal is to provide greater access of information and provide greater support to our members that will help your business flourish and succeed.

The Diversity Committee is taking on a steep challenge and believes that working together to educate, support, innovate and foster a more inclusive workforce that Chatham-Kent can successfully equip itself for a larger global footprint. By embracing our uniquely qualified differences, skills, experiences and thinking we can accelerate our ability to rapidly respond to emerging opportunities. Prosperity can be had by all if we are willing to have a deeper understanding of each unique business challenge, hurdle and obstacle being faced in the decades to come. It also requires us working together as a community to create a more diverse workplace and workforce. Jobs of the future are going to look and sound very different. Are you ready?

As each of us is aware, Canada has responded to the continuing global conflict and is committed to bringing 25,000 refugees to Canada. Our Municipality in kind has responded openly “Chatham-Kent is an open and inclusive community.” Our Municipality has created an information page for answering questions about our opportunity to help and support the many refugee families that will be in need.

“There are no shortages of Causes in the world today, only a shortage of leaders that inspire others to pursue them.”

As leaders of the business community, we have a chance to embrace the opportunity and challenge that is before us. Each of us is capable of doing one small part to bring our community together and unify Chatham-Kent as a Thriving and Welcoming Community. If you would like to know more about your Chambers activities, community involvement, sub-committee work and Board of Directors, I strongly encourage you to visit the Chambers Website Find us on Facebook or Twitter and leave us a comment. We would like to hear from you.

Your Chair,
Christopher June

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