Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce Accredited

Chair's Message


First of all, I would like to thank Cecily for her contributions over the past two years as Chair. Cecily has spent an enormous amount of volunteer time and we all are very appreciative of that. Thank you Cecily!

The past two years have been much about collecting data from our members and driving a bunch of government initiatives. In 2018, we held numerous round table and focused group sessions to get feedback from our members. In 2019, we then took that feedback and drilled down into the consistent key issues that were raised by launching some surveys to better understand those issues.

Here leads to 2020. A year we are coining, A Year of Action. In addition to all of the normal events, advocation and networking opportunities that we provide as an organization, we are setting our course to execute on three main strategic objectives in 2020.

First, we want to focus ourselves around proving value to our members. There are many benefits to a membership with the Chamber of Commerce and we want our members to utilize those, whether it be through our affinity programs or our networking stretch across Chatham-Kent. We want to grow our valued membership numbers, which helps all of us around the organization flourish.

Our second strategic objective is to maximize our partnerships and strengthen our relationships. We want to do what we do best and leverage other groups and organizations for what they do best. There is no point on doubling efforts and wasting resources. We want Chatham-Kent to be known as a place that is open for business! We want to work extremely close with the CK Economic Development Department and ensure that the voice of our membership is heard, but more importantly, that Chatham-Kent is making the right moves towards continued success for our businesses. We want to make sure that there is alignment with other organizations as well, so that we are all working towards the common goal of prosperity.

Our final strategic objective is to modernize ourselves and appeal to the young entrepreneurs and businesses around us. We will be launching and executing on a social media and communications plan. By improving our comms, we intend to create a better awareness of who we are and why we are here. This will strengthen our membership base and also make us proud to live and work in a place we all call home.

I am truly honoured to be a part of this team as your 2020 Chair of the Board. Thank you to all of our Members and the community for your loyal support for the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce! I am excited to report to you of all that is to come in 2020! Thank you!

Pete Fantuz

Welcome to our newest members!