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Chair's Message



It is an honor to take on the role of Chair for the Chatham Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Last year was unprecedented. There were so MANY challenges.

I want to recognize the Past Chair, Pete Fantuz, Gail Hundt, Sarah Smith, the Board of Directors and Committees of the Chamber who pulled together to advocate for our Business Members, the Municipality and our Community.

One of the best quotes that I held onto this year was “We are not all in the Same Boat… There are many boats ...all in the same storm”. I saw businesses persevere, pivot and prepare to move forward. The first and second waves buffeted our progress but we pulled together and kept going. 2021 has started with much the same theme.

My hope in the coming year is to work closely with the Municipality, and Community groups to keep our momentum going.

My Mantra has always been “positive steps forward with purpose”.

I am excited and proud to continue the great work of The Chatham Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the Chatham Kent Chamber of Commerce to help Chatham-Kent to Recover, Grow and Prosper.

Tracey Walker

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