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Member Benefits

Volunteer Representation

As a member of the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce you have the opportunity to volunteer on one of the various Chamber committees or ad-hoc event programs.

The Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce has volunteer committee opportunities available with meeting timelines to fit your business and personal schedules.
If your schedule does not allow you to make a fixed commitment to one of our committees, you might be interested in volunteering at one of the Chamber events. Find opportunities that best match your interests and expertise by reviewing our committees and events at

The Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce has many volunteer opportunities available for members. VOLUNTEER TODAY! In return this could be profitable for you as well by providing additional experience at leadership skills, increasing the exposure for your business, expanding your network and know you are contributing to a prosperous community.

If you are interested in joining one of the various Chamber committees please contact Gail Hundt at 519-352-7540 ext. 22 or

Welcome to our newest members!